Going vegan – tough challenge or a lifetime fortune?

It’s been 11 days I’ve started eating only vegetables, with merely no reason. Sometimes in this very short life, people do what they can imagine, not even because they want. I am not totally convinced that only eating veggie do wonder for your health, at least not yet, as well as have no strong argument to say that I surely know how good it is. I do partly because I am kind of curious about how a vegan life be like.

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A delightful class

It was until last year when I got to understand totally the meaning of the English word “delight” (delighted, delightful). It was the first time I learned the way to describe a feeling, other than “satisfied”. The delighted moment, which is a higher level of satisfaction that every business aims to create for their customers, of course, is not so often to be experienced by a person. That time I read a marketing course article of how companies would perform to get their customers feel delighted, I was, however, more curious about how actually that feeling is, or whether I have ever felt delighted about something. A few days ago I was happened to be in a class that urged me to write this post – the first ever post promoting for my Aalto University. Continue reading

The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich (Timothy Ferriss)

A great book about time management and communication.

Yes as many of you may think, a 4-hour workweek is just impossible, I started the book with skeptic and bunch of curious questions. I read some reviews of this book from Goodreads site before writing this reflection (I would call it a reflection rather than a review), and felt lucky that I didn’t do before reading the book. As much as I can scroll down the Goodreads reviews, the disparagements is 3 times as many as the compliments, not to mention that the length of those negative reviews is always much longer than their counterparts. If I read them earlier, I would never pick this book up. Let me tell you one of my forever belief: the higher you expect from something, the more disappointment it would bring to you.

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